Getting a natural smile in children’s photographs


Getting a natural smile in children’s photographs:

Although it seems easy to say to a child “smile for mommy and daddy!”, the result often looks superficial and forced. This is the reason that I photograph a child laughing to capture their natural smile and capture who they truly are.

Here are my top 3 tips for capturing who your child really is in a photo:

1.     You as a parent know what makes your child smile naturally! Maybe it’s a funny face you make or a funny sound you make. Instead of telling your child to smile, do this and they will be laughing like crazy! Then you will be ready to snap the photo that will bring your family back to that fun memory.

2.     Play your child’s favorite song! Once they start doing their cute dances, they will be smiling, laughing, and having fun.

3.     Don’t expect your child to stay still! Kids run around and that is part of why it is so exciting for photographers to follow them and capture their expressions as they run. This will allow you to follow them on their adventures and have a more interactive composition rather than one that looks stiff.

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Danielle Sasson