Frequently Asked Questions


These are some of the common questions that I receive, but please do not hesitate to contact me with any other questions you have. 

*Consultations are always included in your session. The consultation with Danielle takes place before the session in order to answer any questions that you have and to go over outfit suggestions, locations, and other details.

How Long Do Sessions Usually Last?

Newborn sessions take about 2-4 hours, and other sessions take about 1-2 hours. 

What should my baby or children wear? What should I wear?

You and your children are welcome to whatever you will be most comfortable and confident in. I prefer that no one wear logos and patterns because they can be very distracting in a photograph. Please also feel free to prepare as many outfit changes as you want and we can narrow them down during our consultation or in person. Naked babies are always also classic and adorable.

What is typically involved in a session?

Typically, at the beginning of a session, I will spend a short amount of time getting to know your child before photographing. This is to ensure that they will be as comfortable as possible, and so that I will not feel like a stranger to them. It is very important to me that you and your children have a lot of fun while I am capturing your precious memories. 

What if the weather is bad?

I believe that natural light is the most beautiful light available to photograph families and children. If the weather does not allow for optimum results, you be ensured the first spot available to reschedule.

Will my photo be posted on your website for others to see?

Photos are never shared without your written consent and privacy is taken very seriously.